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Bligh's Lane Nursery School, Bligh’s Lane, Derry

Nursery School of Sanctuary


We completed our journey to become a Nursery School of Sanctuary. This initiative involved us really looking closely at how we welcome and engage with families who are coming into our school. We are one of only eight nursery schools across Northern Ireland who have been accredited this status.

However, our work doesn't stop here. We will continue  our  effort to incorporate different cultures, languages and religious celebrations into our curriculum. Our children’s learning will be enriched by exposure to and enjoyment of the cultures that are different to their own.

Our children can now enjoy our new outdoor canopy area, our ‘Garden of Sanctuary.’ This area of our playground had long been very ‘bare’ and uninviting. It has been transformed into an area full of colour and beautiful scents from the flowers and herbs we have planted. The children will help tend and care for the plants in this area and will take an active role in keeping it looking beautiful whilst learning the importance of looking after our environment. 

We will continue to seek opportunities to engage our parents and give them a chance to meet each other and even learn something new. We hope to offer another air fryer cookery course in the Spring Term and a workshop that will help parents deal with challenging behaviour from their children.